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 Synopsis of "CONTINUITY - Hitchcocks, Pocahontas":
by Klaus D. Regenbrecht


Pure subtle suspense!

The story is set in the movie and TV milieu, locations are the Bavaria Film Studios, the Starnberger See and the Alps. Protagonists are Eva Kupper, around 30 and the continuity girl, and Karl Schmidt, in his early fifties, father of four daughters and script author.

Eva is deeply disconcerted by a sexual encounter during a carnival celebration on the Bavaria premises. She falls for a mysterious man disguised as a woman.

A few months later she breaks down, only faintly sensing the real reason for her collapse. She asks Karl Schmidt to start investigations and find out the identity of the disguised man. He has just started to do so when a young woman, working on the same production as Karl and Eva, is murdered. As it turns out there is a connection between Eva's and her colleague's fate.

This story is a mixture of  eroticism and suspense, sex, soap, and crime, Shakespeare and the movies, Hitchcock and Pocahontas, the Indian chief's daughter, who saves the white man Captain Smith from certain death.

(If you replace the Bavaria Studios with Hollywood, the Starnberger See with the Pacific Ocean, and the Alps with the California Coast Hills, you have a perfect setting for this story.)


The complete rights for all of my books are still available. And some of my stories have a pretty good plot for a movie. So if you are interested, get in contact.

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